12 Nov

Live Sketchnoting – same event, different views

Last weekend I met another sketchnoter from my region at the yearly Barcamp Hamburg (Germany). We were attending two sessions together and sketchnoted both in our individual techniques and from individual point of view.

So here is in comparison what two sketchnoters captured. Left hand: my sketches. Right hand: Kristines sketches. For details click on the pictures.

Session 1: How to earn money with e-books


Session 2: Data Visualization with the Open Source Tool “R”


02 Nov

Hack your life with visual thinking!

Ein neues Interview aus meiner Reihe #visual bei ununi.TV ist online: Claire Holgate berichtet über einen Workshop, den sie im September beim Happy Startup Summercamp durchgeführt hat.

Hack your life with visual thinking
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

Claire Holgate ist Graphic Recorder, Illustratorin und Kreativdenkerin aus Groß Britannien. Ich kenne sie aus der Twittergruppe #todaysdoodle, in deren Rahmen Kreative aus aller Welt täglich ihre Doodles teilen und diskutieren. Zudem ist Claire mit Arbeitsbeispielen im neuen Sketchnote Workbook von Mike Rhode vertreten.

Das Happy Startup Summercamp für Gründer, Startups und Entrepreneurs fand in Sussex statt – Claire’s Workshop sollte den Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit geben, eine eigene visuelle Übersicht zu ihren beruflichen Plänen zu entwickeln.

Im Vorfeld hatte Claire die Online-Community in einem Blogpost darum gebeten, über ihre Arbeit mit Doodles, Sketchnotes und Visual Thinking zu reflektieren: aus den Einreichungen wollte sie ein inspirierendes Beispielboard erstellen – was ihr auch gelang!


02 Nov

143 Visuals – To inspire you to take action

Live-Interview with Scott Torrance about his 143 Visuals collection on August 26th 2014

143 Visuals – To inspire you to take action #visual
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

The guest

Scott Torrance is founder of Flux Insights – a niche digital agency helping individuals and businesses to establish and grow their online visible expertise. He recently published an e-book with the title 143 Visuals – To inspire you to take action.

The topic

“In a world where doodling is frowned upon, there are a few people flying the flag. We will only get better by practising a lot, exposing our work, learning from each other”. These words from the introduction to the 143 Visuals collection are our base to discuss on the importance of visualisation.

The (basic) questions

  • What is shown in the 143 Visuals?
  • What was the motivation to publish this collection?
  • What is the difference between doodling and sketchnoting?
  • How can visualisation enrich personal/work/business processes?
  • What kind of benefit does doodling/sketchnoting/visual note-taking bring?


Andrea Brücken is communication expert, moderator of several live-interviews concerning visual literacy, member of the fabulous #todaysdoodle crew on twitter and contributor of the 143 Visuals. At the beginning of september she offers the first german online-workshop on sketchnoting basicson ununi.TV.

International audience might find it helpful to have a look at http://ununi.tv/de/about where we explain this modern german educational network in english.

You can ask questions to Scott Torrance during the interview on twitter via the hashtag#ununitv or with the Question & Answer tool on the Google+ event page

The session will take place at 12:45 pm MESZ!

The interview will be recorded and published on the ununi.TV-channel at Youtube.